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History of Chickasaw

The City of Chickasaw passed a resolution to establish its own school system on May 11, 2010. The city then passed a resolution to establish its own school board and the City of Chickasaw Board of Education was born on Jan 11, 2011. Robert McFall was voted in as its 1st Board President. Mr. McFall and Vice President Barry Broadhead were appointed to lead negotiations to separate Chickasaw from the Mobile County School system. The team also included Mr. Paul Sousa, Mr. Charlie Wilcox and Mr. Bob Campbell. As the negotiations began, it was discovered that the children of Chickasaw were scattered over 62 different schools in Mobile County. The final agreement was signed April 5, 2012. The search began immediately to find a superintendent. On June 25, 2012, Kyle Kallhoff was hired as the first Superintendent for the City of Chickasaw School System. Noteworthy was the short time an entire school system was formed. Chickasaw had three buildings, all elementary schools, with no middle or high school. Mr Kallhoff was hired on June 25, 2012 and the school year started on August 20th of that same year. An entire school system K-12 was formed and up and running in less than a few months. The school started with approximately 980 students and had 11 Seniors in its first graduating class of 2012.