• Chickasaw Elementary Library

    Phone #:251-452-6452

    Fax #: 251-380-8113

    Library Media Specialist: Mrs. Mercedes Rivero

    Library Aide: Mrs. Donna Gatlin

    Address: 80 Grant Street Chickasaw, AL 36611

    Directions to School and Library

    Hours: See Library Schedule Tab

  • The Chickasaw Elementary School Library is a quaint little area where students can visit, listen to a story, and select books on topic which interest them. We have a wide range of selections which includes children favorite fiction series, plenty of storybooks, books on various animals and habitats, historical books, biographies, and much more.

    As the Library/Media Specialist I work with students in grades K-2 during whole group library lessons. These lessons include story time and guiding students on searching for an selecting books. Also, I assist student in 3rd-5th grades during open circulation locate books on their individual reading levels and topic which interest them. Lastly, this year I am working towards updated and upgrading the current library collection and technology as well as collaborated with 3rd-5th grade teachers on targeted lesson to increase student academic achievement.