• Chickasaw Elementary Library

    Phone #:251-452-6452

    Fax #: 251-380-8113

    Library Media Specialist: Mrs. Mercedes Rivero

    Library Aide: Mrs. Donna Gatlin

    Address: 80 Grant Street Chickasaw, AL 36611

    Directions to School and Library

    Hours: See Library Schedule Tab

  • The Chickasaw Elementary School Library is a quaint little area where students can visit, listen to a story, and select books on topic which interest them. We have a wide range of selections which includes children favorite fiction series, plenty of storybooks, books on various animals and habitats, historical books, biographies, and much more.

    As the Library/Media Specialist I work with students in grades K-2 during whole group library lessons. These lessons include story time and guiding students on searching for an selecting books. Also, I assist student in 3rd-5th grades during open circulation locate books on their individual reading levels and topic which interest them. Lastly, this year I am working towards updated and upgrading the current library collection and technology as well as collaborated with 3rd-5th grade teachers on targeted lesson to increase student academic achievement.

    This year we have already added over 200 new books to our collection, tablets, tablet stands, and bar code scanners. Currently, we are having a textbook sale. These textbooks would work great for extra practice at home.  If you are interested in purchasing any textbooks to help your child at home please contact me. Also, please look for information on our Spring Book Fair soon. Profits help update and upgrade the library