Uniform Requirements

  • Uniform Requirements

    Tops: (Boys and Girls)

    • Red Polo
    • School T-Shirts (on Fridays and other designated days which will be announced)


    Bottoms: (Boys and Girls)

    • Navy blue pants and shorts

    Shorts may not be more than 2" above the knee.

    Pants are to remain pulled up at ALL times - NO SAGGING allowed!


    Girls Only

    • Navy blue jumpers, skirts, or skorts
    • Solid white or navy tights with feet may be worn.


    Undershirts/Socks/Shoes/Belts (Boys and Girls)

    • Undershirts: Plain white undershirts (no writing, logos or pictures)

    Long sleeves (in cold weather) and short sleeve undershirts are allowed

    • Socks: Solid white or navy, (crew or ankle)
    • Shoes: Any type of tennis shoes are permissible

    NO heels, NO open toe or open heeled shoes, NO Crocs, NO Boots, NO steel toe shoes, NO light up shoes, NO shoes that roll

    • Belts: Solid black or brown plain belt (standard buckle)

    *No rivets, No studs, No holes, No pictures, No writing on belt



    • Solid navy, red, solid white, or ANY combination of red, white, and/or navy.
    • The outerwear may button, zip, or pullover. Cardigan sweaters are also permitted.


    • Any outerwear items sold by the school or PTO are acceptable.
    • During extremely cold weather, a heavier coat may be worn to school that is not navy, red, or white. Once in the building it must be placed on a hook or back of the desk immediately and should remain there until dismissal. NO non-uniform jackets, sweaters or sweatshirts are allowed inside the building.



    • Stud earrings may be worn.

    Hoops or dangle earrings are not allowed.

    • Hair color and/or highlights must be natural hair colors (NO pink, blue, bright red, purple, green, etc.).

    The following are NOT allowed:

    • Beads (necklaces), bangles, or excessive jewelry
    • Facial piercings
    • Bandanas, du-rags or hats
    • Long fingernails that would hinder a student from completing school work


    Non-conformity to the uniform policy generally results in parents/guardians being contacted and may be asked to furnish appropriate clothing.


    If there is an issue with a student not having the appropriate uniform items, please ask the school counselor for help.