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Exceptional Education Support - Paraprofessional
Special Education Paraprofessional
Chickasaw City Schools
Classified - Position - Exceptional Education Support - Paraprofessional
Grades K-12
Job Number2300149914
Start Date
Open Date04/20/2018
Closing Date


Special Education Paraprofessional


  • Lifts and restrains students of varying age levels and sizes.
  • Assists the students in physical tasks such as putting on and taking off of outerwear, moving from room to room, and using the lavatory.
  • Assists students with physical and academic needs.
  • Assists the teacher in supervising and working with students in all daily school activities.
  • Listens to students in recitation, reading, and other curriculum tasks.
  • Works with small groups of students to reinforce material initially introduced by the teacher.
  • Works with students to control behavior and assists with instruction to reinforce academic skills, daily living skills, and vocational skills taught by the teacher.
  • Accompanies the students during trips to the office or to the school nurse when necessary.
  • Establishes a supportive and sympathetic relationship with the students without fostering or encouraging intense emotional involvement.
  • Serves as a resource person to the student personnel evaluation team when conferring about one of the students.

Performs other job-related duties as designated by the principal or special education teacher.

Reports ToPrincipal
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To apply for this position, please click here:  Application

Chickasaw Elementary School - TEACHER – MATHEMATICS and SCIENCE

187 DAYS


This is a Certified Position


The duties include but are not limited to:

  • Establishes objectives and plans learning experiences.
  • Implements activities using a variety of techniques that utilize instructional time to meet standards.
  • Establishes and maintains standards of student behavior to achieve a functional learning atmosphere.
  • Exhibits positive human relations skills.
  • Evaluates the educational program and/or student progress.
  • Communicates with parents/guardians, colleagues, and community groups.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in written and oral communication.
  • Maintains and submits records and reports.
  • Adheres to school system rules, administrative procedures, local board policies, and state and federal rules and regulations.
  • Engages in personal professional growth and demonstrates professional ethics and leadership.
  • Assists teachers with the development and implementation of instructional strategies that support differentiated instruction to meet the needs of remedial, average, and advanced students.
  • Provides strategic classroom coaching and build school-based content capacity.
  • Identifies, locates, and/or creates a variety of instructional materials to stimulate learning and meet the needs of all students.
  • Incorporates and models appropriate use of technology to support instruction and student learning.
  • Promotes highly specialized instruction in which all learners can thrive
  • Cultivates a community of adult learners who value collaborative problem solving.
  • Facilitates professional development by creating an environment in which all adults grow as learners for the purpose of promoting the success, achievement, and growth of all students.
  • Demonstrate ability to analyze instruction and prioritize needs to determine next steps for teachers.


Must have appropriate current valid Alabama Teaching Certificate K - 5.

Must have at least 3 years of successful teaching experience.

To apply for this position, please on this link:  Application

Chickasaw Elementary School - Teacher -General Education

Applicants must be able to: 

1. Follow the courses of study approved by the State Board of Education and curriculum guides adopted by Chickasaw City Board of Education. 

2. Understand and assist in upholding and enforcing school rules and administrative regulations. 

3. Abide by the standards established for teachers, professional and personal conduct by the printed and published AEA Code of Ethics. 

4. Assist in fostering student attitudes through teaching, in all activities of the school program, the values of citizenship, self-discipline, mortality, and participation. 

5. Maintain accurate, complete, and correct records as required by law, board policy, and administrative regulations. 

Duties to Include: 

1. Teaching language arts, math, science, core courses, as well as additional elective periods. 

2. Evaluate student progress on a regular basis 

3. Maintain a professional cooperative working relationship with parents and community 

4. Work with other staff members in planning school activities, instructional goals, objectives, and methods. 

5. Perform other duties during school necessary to the safe and effective operation of the school when requested by school administration.

 To apply for this job, please click here:  Application

Bus Driver(s)

Classified Position

Job Number2300142542

Open Date09/25/2017
Closing Date10/09/2017
Bus Driver


  • Complete classified employment or transfer application on the Teach in Alabama website
  • Possess and maintain a valid Alabama bus driver certificate and commercial driver’s license (CDL)
  • Maintain a current Department of Transportation physical
  • Possess and maintain an acceptable vehicle record including no DUI convictions
  • Maintain insurability to drive a school bus
  • Ability to lift objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Physical ability to perform all duties and responsibilities as specified by state and federal regulations, including but not limited to pre-trip inspections, post-trip inspections and bus evacuations


  • Meet all current State and federal regulations for driving safety and school bus operation
  • Comply with all Board regulations and policies
  • Adhere to all traffic laws and driving safety rules
  • Follow the prescribed pre-determined route unless the principal and/or Transportation Supervisor alters the route to serve the needs of the students
  • Perform duties in a courteous, professional manner
  • Maintain discipline while students are on the bus
  • Maintain a clean bus
  • Report promptly all mechanical needs to the supervisor
  • Maintain and submit reports, records, and correspondence in a timely and accurate manner
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned by supervisor

To apply, please click on this link: Application.